Throwback Thursday: Scar

So last week we began a sorta throwback series that’s going to feature a Disney villain drawing each week, from a recent series I did on Instagram. (Find the intro post and the backstory of the series here.)

Today’s villain is none other than Scar, that dastardly murderer of Mufasa and fraternizer with evil hyenas:

Now, there are some freaky (and freaky-looking) villains out there, but Scar may be the most actually despicable Disney villain of all time. The guy willingly murders his brother and tries to murder his nephew. Um, yikes.

On Instagram, some friends and I had a conversation about about whether or not there were another villain darker and/or more evil than Scar. And the general consensus seemed to be that Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is super creepy and might just tie with Scar on level of dark evil-ness, but not a single Disney villain actually beats Scar at the evil game. Like Scar legitimately is at the very limit of Disney darkness.

What do you think? Is there another Disney villain out there whose deeds were more horrific than Scar’s?


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