happy birthday, hedgehog

Yesterday our baby hedgehog turned one. But don’t worry, we’re not the kind of people to buy a pink candle at Target. For a hedgehog. Come on now.

Oh, wait. Apparently we are.


April, one whole year old.

But at least I’m not the kind of person to write a sappy love post to a baby hedgehog as if she were my child. If I were, though, I’d probably say something like—

Dear April,

It’s been a good year.

I remember waiting for you to be born. And we thought you were going to be a boy and we were going to call you George. And when our friends asked us why, we didn’t have an answer except that it would be funny to have a gentleman hedgehog named George.

But then you were born, and there was no boy hedgehog. Just you. And we decided you were ours, and we would call you April, and we didn’t even realize when we named you that you were born in April too (duh).

And most our friends thought we were insane for getting you because they didn’t realize the difference, yet, between hedgehogs and porcupines. And yes, it would have been insane for us to have a porcupine as a pet.


April at seven weeks old, asleep in the palm of my hand.

You were tiny, and you kept falling abruptly asleep for a nap in the palm of my hand. You fit in the palm of my hand back then!

You ran around on your exercise wheel, and grew bigger and stronger, and then you braved a fifteen-hour trip from Texas to blizzarding Colorado, nestled in a warm shoebox in my lap. Hedgehogs aren’t really supposed to be able to do stuff like that, but you did anyway.

You don’t fit in the palm of my hand anymore, but that’s okay. You still run on your blue wheel, but only when it’s dark and you think we can’t see you. (By the way, we can hear it squeaking as it goes around and around. We do realize what you’re doing.) You still make us laugh with your tiny sneezes and your funny little panics and your passionate determination to SNIFF ALL THE THINGS.

Zach and I love you a lot.


Your female human.

So, yeah, that’s probably about what I’d say. But like I said, I’m not that kind of person.

Anywho, it’s been ten months since my last post, as WordPress so kindly keeps reminding me. Recently I had a conversation with a fellow hedgehog owner on Facebook, and I realized that hedgehog owners need each other. Which reminded me that this blog used to connect me with the hedgehog-owning (and the hedgehog-loving and the moderately-curious-about-hedgehogs) community.

Which, consequently, reminded me that I have also amassed an obscene number of drawings and doodles over the past ten months, and this blog used to connect me with the greater art community in general, as well.

Do I have anything worth sharing? I don’t know.

But I think, since the whirlwind of getting ready to get married, and then getting married, and then moving temporarily to Colorado right after getting married, has begun to calm a little, I think I’ll start sharing in the blogging community again. About my funny little girl hedgehog, about my struggles and failures and musings on my journey as an artist. (As well as, you know, artwork.)

So if you’re interested in any of that, or if you’re bored and need something to look at to pass the time, I’d be so honored if you’d put some coffee on and join me.




4 thoughts on “happy birthday, hedgehog

  1. Ah, Miss Randi!
    I love that you’re a blogger. I love that you’re a beautiful person, and I love that you’re my friend. 😀

    I look forward to reading ALL THE BLOGS! 😀
    Happy birthday April!

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