Disney drawings: Flash, Clawhauser, and my big complaint against Zootopia 

“But what if you don’t even like the movie?” my husband asked me recently.

He’d caught me drawing the sloth Flash the day before Zootopia premiered.

It was a legitimate question, but after having seen the movie four times, I can now confirm there was not a problem there.


Flash, Flash, Hundred-yard Dash

Naturally, I wasn’t the only one pleased with Zootopia. My good friend Mollie requested that I draw the lovable, Gazelle-adoring, donut-obsessed police officer cheetah Benjamin Clawhauser. (Did you know he has a Mickey-shaped spot hiding on his right cheek?)


“Oh, THERE you went, you lil’ dickens!” -Benjamin Clawhauser

So yeah, Zootopia is pretty great. (A 98% on Rotten Tomatoes says that’s a pretty universal opinion.) I will say it isn’t without its flaws, though.

Well, one flaw in particular.

One of Zootopia’s strongest points is its insistence that anyone truly can be anything. The film is a fanciful, forceful masterpiece on defying limits, shattering stereotypes, and silencing prejudice.

But there’s one flaw in that grand anthem. Among the foxes, rabbits, mice, weasels, sheep, lions, tigers, bears (oh my!), otters, jaguars, cheetahs, and Cape buffalo championing the film’s cause through their various roles, there is




Thought to be rodents (they’re not) and commonly considered to just be smaller but equally dangerous porcupines (with whom they share no relation whatsoever)—friendly, bashful hedgehogs are among the most misunderstood creatures in the world.

And a porcupine gets a part in the movie crossing a busy street in front of the male lead, but there’s nary a hedgehog to be found.

Alas, Disney. Alas, Zootopia.

Maybe have a hedgehog or two in the sequel, ok?


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