Groot, Rocket, and why it’s cool that Chris Pratt’s a thief

When previews first started airing for Guardians of the Galaxy, I don’t know that there was anyone more skeptical than I.

Talking raccoons? Fighting trees? Ugh, Marvel, I thought, please just stick to human (or at the very least, humanoid) superheroes.

My husband, then my boyfriend (wow, has it really been that long?), had more hope. And I let him convince me to go see the movie, but mostly just because I was (am) an avid Parks and Rec and Doctor Who fan, and hence I was eaten up with curiosity about Chris Pratt’s and Karen Gillan’s roles. Andy Dwyer as an action hero? Amy Pond as a supervillain? That, I had to admit, was pretty intriguing. But I was still prepared to hate the talking raccoon.

I don’t know that I could have been more wrong about my initial reaction to the previews.


Rocket Raccoon

Chris Pratt was a striking yet still hilarious departure from Andy Dwyer; Karen Gillan was masterful in all her bald, blue, black-eyed glory; and miracle of all miracles, I was even won over by the talking raccoon. I did not see that coming.



But my favorite thing about the movie has nothing to do with the movie itself.

My favorite thing about Guardians of the Galaxy is that Chris Pratt stole his costume from the set of the film and kept it so that as Star-Lord, he could visit sick kids in hospitals. As I did a little background reading on Guardians before writing this post, I came across that fact on IMDb. And apparently I’m too skeptical about a lot of things (I’m realizing as I write this), because I definitely did not believe that at first.

So I decided to fact-check it, gearing myself up for it to be a cute but groundless rumor, and I found two things. One, a whole bunch of people were writing about it, and two, it was corroborated by valid sources. Not the least of which was, ya know, an actual interview with Chris Pratt himself.

So now anytime I think of Guardians of the Galaxy, I think of little ones in hospitals getting to see the actual Star-Lord. I think of their eyes lighting up, and their smiles radiating joy. I think of the needles and tubes not hurting quite so bad, just for a moment. And I’m not gonna lie—that gets me a little choked up.

Honestly, knowing all this, I’d probably go see the sequel they’re filming now, just to support Star-Lord. Even if I’d ended up hating the talking raccoon.


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